Your fabulous hosts
Brian The (646) Guy and GI Jane
cordially invite you to
the first Big Apple Blogger Bash of 2003

Who You, Your Friends, Lovers and Confidantes
When February 7, 2003, 6:00pm EST
Where Zanzibar, 645 9th Avenue (at 45th Street)
Why Because we all need make some new friends in this cool, cool town ... and an excuse to maybe casually bump into the blog-crush of your choice (:cough:Alex:cough:)

RSVP to Jane at

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Thank you to Paul Frankenstein for the graphic


Brian The (646) Guy Tales from the City
GI Jane Nerve-Wracking
This Fish Needs a Bicycle
Alex Brokentype
Paul Frankenstein
Ken Goldstein The Illuminated Donkey
Orchid  formerly of The Daily Dose
Kambri Crews Kambri Crews
Ari Ari Goes Down
Jason Kottke
Meg Hourihan
Jimi Sweet Jimi Sweet
Pitchaya Sudbanthad Hands Free
Jim Objectionable Content
Rickey blue red orange
Urusula Remind me why i'm here?
Lisa (& Neal) SpongeBlog SquareRants
Asparagirl asparagirl lives here
Stephen Silver Stephen Silver
Mr. Nosuch (Alex) Mistakes were made
Conny Ansatz
Redheaded Sheila Redheaded Ramblings
Liz zeebahtronic
Max, John & Barbara Common Sense and Wonder
Anne_NYC Just trying to get...
Liz Maryland house arrest
Paul Katcher A view from Manhattan's UWS
jinners on the moon
Elizabeth Spiers Gawker and Capital Influx
R Allan Baruz Rough Days for Gentil Knight
David David's Journal
Aaron Haspel God of the Machine
Philip Murphy The Invisible Hand
Tommy Slim Tommy Slim
Aaron Bailey the day begins at 6:01am
The Raving Atheist The Raving Atheist
krissa le petit hiboux
Mr. Swill Mr. Swill
Spriteboy Spriteboy
Seth Farber the talking dog
Polly Frost The Velvet Crypt
Sean N0 Data S0urce
Felix Salmon
Tom Davey Monsters From The Id
Mike Wolf randomness personified
Jen New York as I see it
Brian Life in New York City
Hiroyasu (Ichi) Ichikawa  Social Company
John Leighton The Beautiful Days
Margo The Mind of Margo Lee
Mike Lee curiousLee
Farid Ali Somewhere Over the Brooklyn Bridge
marc watching expired appliances align
Will Femia MSNBC
Eric Rosenfield Eric
Sansanee Lady Crumpet's Armoire
Kate ghosting


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